With NÉGATIF I set out to design a zine that would be a medium for film photographers to showcase their work. Today many people still shoot film as their preferred method of photography; I wanted to create something physical to view film photography as opposed to seeing an image over the internet or on an app. 

Zine Design
"I wanted to appeal to a larger age range, which then pushed the design into a much cleaner and sleek design than I had originally planned.  Inspired by a blend of fashion, surf, and adventure magazines, NÉGATIF is a zine with a little something for everyone."

-Colby Riviere
I also wanted to focus on materials used.  Having a letterpresses cover page and quality paper for the interior pages was important to me to really drive home the fact that this zine was about photography and that as an art and not just a means of recording a moment in time.
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Event Poster
Special thanks to...

Sydne Leavitt
Alec Zappone
Mike Hanley
Alex Barnes
Tanner Swindell
Adrienne Ruberti

(for all contributing photos)

Also thanks to...

Ryan Tempro from MC Pressure

(for printing the covers)
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