One of the biggest topics in the modern society has been marijuana as a form of medicine.  Through the past few decades it was believed that marijuana was a “gate way drug” and was often looked down upon.  Research in the past few years, however, has shown it to have legitimate medical benefits.

But how do you market a product that has been under such scrutiny for years? There is a whole generation of individuals that firmly believe that this is a harmful drug that will lead down a trail of addiction, depression, and darkness.  So what do you do? You get them involved.
I decided to experiment with the idea of using a secret message advertising technique.  For the 3 Print ads each page would come with an insert page of green transparency paper in front of them. Each ad is made using only green and red ink overlays so when the green paper covers the ad only things printed in red is seen then when the page is turned it reveals the full scope of the ad. 

What is initially seen is usually something that doesn’t pertain to marijuana or supports the arguments that go against marijuana only to turn the page and learn about the facts. 
Who are these ads for? They are not for people who already believe in the benefits of marijuana. Instead they are for those who are on the fence about it. Or those who have a medical condition and are unhappy with their current medicine they are taking. Many prescriptions are expensive (even with insurance) and not only that, many of these medications are highly addictive. Opioid addiction is the leading cause of drug abuse and addiction.

I thought of conservatives in their 40’s-60’s who have always seen marijuana as a harmful drug. I also thought of individuals who have not been happy with their health in the past few years and are moving towards the trend of a “green” life style, cutting out chemically enhanced foods from their diets but are still taking prescription pills. Then there is also the parents who spend top dollar on medicine for their sick children who are now having a hard time affording these medicines that seem to not be helping their children as much as they believed they would. 
The bus ad would be created with lenticular printing so that as you walked by the poster it would create the same hidden message effect that the print ad does.
Lastly for the Instagram ads I take advantage of the new upload process that was just added to the app. Now you can upload 2 or more pictures in an “album” that you swipe through. 
This is an additional idea for an app called Meducate.  The app would be able to tell users what strain could replace certain medicines that are addictive, expensive, or just alternatives to that medicine. You could search by strain, medicine, medical condition, or moods.  Allowing users the ability to find the right strain for them. 
Designed by Colby Riviere
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